Pedestrian safety

Investigating pedestrian injuries from a biomechanical perspective.

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Subway Human Collisions

Large international collaborative research project aimed at designing a countermeasure to reduce the lethality of pedestrian subway impacts.

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Cyclist safety

Investigating cyclist injuries from a biomechanical perspective.

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High-Speed Train Post-Derailment Collisions

Study of railway occupant crash injury in post-derailment collisions, including studying the train post-derailment collision responses, and occupant injury analysis using dummy sled tests and simulations

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Rugby Collisions

Sports injuries are very common in contact sports such as rugby. Sometimes it's hard to diagnose some injuries, such as concussions, in the field due to lack of immediate symptoms. We aim to use pose estimation combined with multibody simulation software (MADYMO) to study those injuries.

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Athlete Rehabilitation

Further developing pose estimation models to establish biomechanically meaningful data from footage of athletes rehab exercises to support physios making assessments.

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Soft tissue mechanics

Investigating the mechanical tension-compression asymmetry in skeletal muscle.

Buddy Roamer

Award-winning walking aid for children.

McElmeel Mobility

Crash resistant swivel seats.

Blk Box Designs

Gym equipment.

Wound closure

Device for improved surgical closure.